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  Mission Statement

  "Make Rural Maharashtra Strong"

What is D.O.R.M.?
D.O.R.M. is a non-profit organization founded by Sanjana Narkar which provides fresh drinking water to rural areas in India by digging bore-wells! In other words, we quench the thirst in an Indian village by fund raising. With this project, our goal is to focus on supplying water with a full heart and spirit!

What does D.O.R.M. stand for?
“Development of Rural Maharashtra” (Maharashtra is a state in India.)

What is a Bore-well?
A bore-well, or tube-well, is an installation in the ground to receive clean water. A bore-well is a drilling machine that is used to drill the earth for getting water lying at different depths. On one hand, the places which are situated around rivers, the water level is not deep enough. In other places, the water level is very deep. Therefore, we have to drill deeply to get the clean water.

How much does each bore-well cost?
Each bore-well depends on the area that the well will be dug in. The deeper the water is found in the earth, the deeper the well must be dug. So, if the well must be dug 50-75 feet, it would be less expensive when compared to the well that must be dug 250-300 feet. As of now, the well itself costs $2000.

How many wells have been dug?
The organization has dug its very 1st bore-well in the village of Padave in the month of August 2008. A second bore-well is still in the process of raising funds. So, please help us by donating $10 to this organization.

What can YOU do?
D.O.R.M. is the result of support given by hundreds of people! Without YOU, this organization cannot stand on its own. YOU have the power to make D.O.R.M. a success, whether it be making a donation or creating awareness. All you have to do is donate $10.00. With the help of 200 people, the task of digging one well can easily be accomplished! So please, click on the Donate tab to help the less fortunate obtain a basic necessity! Once YOU have donated, spread the word to friends and family members to get them to support. Also, join our Facebook Group: “Development of Rural Maharashtra” in order to be informed about the progress. This is Development of Rural Maharashtra and we need YOUR support!


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