Hello Sanjana
It is very great to read your article . It was published in my regional news paper (Telugu ) . First of all i wanted to thank you for your initation.

Recently we have started the same type ,but our team is focussing on the rural india schools. We have adopted one school from rural village and building all the infrastructure what they need. The funds i am getting from my friends who work for IT in india and US. I am also in india. But the unfortunate is we dont have website. Need your help .Can you tell me how you have taken the steps to build your website.

I will try to push your website to my friends. I have good circle and that too i am working in Pune. So i can divert many of my friends to your website.
Lets make our india prosperous.
Thanks for your help in advance.

My contact number : 9823722879
Panasa Rama Krishna Y.

Hi Sanjana,

I have just gone through your website and I am very happy to see such a good job done by you at your young age.
I appreciate you on this.

Keep in touch.


Hi Sanjana,
This is Rahul Vemula from Hyderabad,India.I recently read about your contribution to the rural development in Maharashtra in a local newspaper(EENADU) here,I was really impressed with your decision and appreciate your work because nowadays even the government is not taking any concern in this aspect,but you being a school girl doing all this is really great.I like to have friends like you and if you are interested in being my friend then please tell me if you have an account in orkut.I'll try my best to help you in this aspect.

Rahul Vemula

Dear Sanjana,

really you are doing good work and please keep it up.

i am prasadu, COO of a Micro Finance organisation from Nagpur and we are extending support to the disadvantaged and economically backward women with Credit, Insurance and MicroEntreprise services for their overall and holistical development.

your objectives and aims are great and here i am forwarding a small brief about the Rural and Tribal people's minimum need - LIGHT AFTER SUNSET to do Study, Cooking, Working, Socialization and other tasks. presently only 58.45% of the Rural Maharashtra houses are having grid electricity connection and they are using the dangerous KEROSENE for lighting purpose which is causing the global warming, health troubles and due to low lumins students unable to read.

THRIVE is an NGO working from Hyderabad and offering one excellent solution for this.

ACCENDO - A LED light just charge 6 hours with (Grid or Solar) and gives 60 hours light (@6 hours / per day) in 3 modes like bed lamp, study lamp and full lamp at very reasonable price. the LED light span is more than 50000 hours i.e. more than 20 years and just we have to change the maintenance free closed battery in every 3 years.

i do hope so that through your organisation this light may reach the every needy house at Rural and Tribal areas (where people are dying by the animals).

thanking you,


mh prasadu

Dear Sanjana,

Great to hear from you. I think you did a really wonderful thing back in your village.

We would like our readers to know all about your experiences -- how you got the idea, what you interaction with the people from the village was like, what the situation was like before you began the project and what all you had to do to change that. I bring out a weekly 16-page children's newspaper called YA! (Young Adults) for DNA. It comes out every Sunday and is one of the most successful products of this company. It is widely circulated in this city and in Pune and Ahmedabad.

Can you write a 500 to 700 word piece for us?

Anuradha Sengupta

Congratulations Sanjana. A job well done. Hope the young and old learn from you and take charge. We have to do it together but someone has to start the process or it doesn't get done!

$1,000 check will be in the mail to your address soon


Dear Sanjana,

Hearty congratulations . Go ahead vigorously. We pray God to give a brilliant success in ur noble undertaking.

Kittur Ajoba & Ajji.

Good job Sanjana, good going. All our good wishes are with you.

Prashant Thottungal

Dear Sanjana,
It is people like you who make us feel proud of our Indian heritage.
Keep caring & motivating us all.
Best wishes
Rajeev Chhibber

well done, sanjana. I am very proud of you.

Jagdish Salgaonkar

Congratulations Sanjana! We are very proud of you!
Wish you all the best....& We will support you for your next project.

Amita and Prakash Rajadhyaksha

Congratulations Sanjana,

You have achieved things that a lot many talk about but not many act on.

All the best for your future endeavors.

We are proud of you,

Tanmay and Sneha Bhide

hi sanjana,
how are you? first of all i want to salute you many times as you are doing wonder full job for human mankind at this age while others of your age are busing in some other activities.i am still surprised and moreover happy to know that as you are residing in us and still you are caring about our people which is fabulous and i am really impressed by you and got motivated by you. now i want to introduce my self . this is ram from shimla and persuing my research work (research scholar) at pgi chandigarh.please mail me at ramnegi2007@yahoo.co.in or aayush4444@gmail.com. i will contribute as much i can. plese keep it up . god bless you.


Hey Sanjana tai,

I'm Chinmay your cousin..I've just visited your website.It is awesome.Your project is a very interesting. I feel proud of you as you have chosen our native place for this mission.A lot of people will get benefited by this.I liked your idea of distribution of Tulsi plant.This shows your concern about preventing GLOBAL WARMING.

Hope to see you.

Dear Sanjana,

Yesterday only I read an article of yours in newspaper explaining about your hard work that you are doing in your native village. And when I visited the site really it was great to see that a youth is participating for "Global Warming". I am Dolesh Agrawal from Mumbai it's a great pleasure writing a letter to you.

Sometime I have also tried for this but never got succeed, and when I gone through that article really it was unique as an individual. I am doing F.Y.J.C and mostly interested in creative and imaginary in different walks of life.

If I can help anyhow please let me know and if you want any info or want to create something in Mumbai , I will try my best to do it so please give me this opportunity to prove myself .
And let me allow to participate in various projects of DORM. Hope you will give me this opportunity. If no, please comment.

Yours faithfully,

Dolesh Agrawal.

Dear Sanjana,

My name is Sohini and I work with a Mumbai-based children's newspaper called RobinAge. I came across your website and have seen the kind of work you have been doing in the rural parts of Maharashtra. We would like to do a story on the work you are doing in our forthcoming issue.

Do let me know if it will be possible for us to meet while you are still in India or correspond through mail.

For more information on Robinage, log onto www.robinage.com

Sohini Dey

Priya Sanjana,
Anek Aashirwaaad,
Tuze swapna aani maaze swapna ekach aahe. Sampurna kokanaat bharpoor paaus padun dekhil February paasun punhaa paaus pade paryant javal javal sarva nadyaa aatun jaataat. Paanyachaa prashna faar mothaa aahe. Tuzhyaa saarkhya naveen pidheetil tarunaani he kaam haati ghetale tar te tadees jaaeel he nishtit.
Maazhyaakadun kaahi madat honaar aslyaas krupayaa kalvine.
Tuzaa Shubhechuk,

Jayendra Salgaonkar
+91 9820225889

hi sanjana

i have gone thru you website you have done a good job ! i want you to be in my show called CJ citizen journalist
where we carry the story of persons who has done Gr8 to the nation .
can i have your contact no so that we can further have words ....
Rishi Kumar
Associate Producer
IBN7 Mumbai

hi sanjana

i m rocky from punjab, india happy to know this your such such of great human i want also do that and i want help to you plz any kind of help contact me 09914415006

Dear Sanjana,
I am writing to you from The Climate Project India, which is Al Gore's organisation. We were very excited to find a news piece about your work, and extremely impressed that you accomplished so much at your age! Next month's newsletter is all about children and we would love to have an interview with you for our front page. Are you interested?
For more information about our organisation check out our website:

You can give me a call at: 09930298405
Looking forward to speaking with you soon,

Dear Sanjana ,

Great to know that u r doing a very unique project n that too in rural India .All the best for ur project & dont hesitate to call me for any help
which u need for this project .

Regards to ur entire family & hoping to see u soon ,

Kedar dada.
Dr. Kedar Patnekar

Namaskar Sanjana,

I really appreciate your efforts in this direction, I have sent the email to our web master and he will shortly put the article on our web. Hope you have a good and fruitful trip to India. Good Luck !

Sudhir Deshpande

Hey Sanjana,

Thts real good work . i liked it a lot. Im sure u will be able to achieve what ever u hve planned.U can tell me if i can help u in any way. i would be happy.
Waiting to see u soon.

vinita tai
Vinita Pokale

Dear Sanjana,

Sorry for the delay in reply. What you are thinking and wanting to do is very noble and dear to my heart. I would like to meet you when you are in India and would try to help you in your mission to my ability.


Rajaram Ajgaonkar

I am very happy to read about your project. I appreciate your social work and that too at this age!. This is an example to everybody that 'WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY'.
I will certainly give an helping hand to your project, I have discussed it with your 'Baba'.
Some token donation follows from me in 2-3 days.
May GOD give you more success in these type of projects where people in India (or around the world) require such help.

Atul Kaka
Mr. Atul Chitnis

Dear sanjana

I have gone through your mail & wholehearted support your project, I am very glad that you are thinking about our native place to initiate the project.our villagers will be very pleased if u can provide them with potable water all through the year as they face shortage during the summer.Hope to see u during your visit to India.Do come to our home in pune.
Take care.Convey my regards to all.
Sameer kaka

Dear Sanjana,

It is good to note that todays young generation is showing genuine interst in local as well as global developmental issues. Every other day we read stories about over exploitation of natural resources and their probable fall outs to be witnessed in future still majority of us are unconcerned about them and are more involved in our day to day rat race. Whenever you plan to come to India may let me know or may also keep updating me about your future plans.

All the best

Profession-TV Journalit

Dear Sanjana,

It was nice to know at such young age you are so much socially aware ,and are concerned ,sensitive about such social issues.

In fact being a vice president of Lions club of Bombay Airport(worlds no 1 NGO) all issues and projects mentioned are being implemented.

Please let me know what way I can be of any help to you for your DORM project.

Wish you all the best and look forward to meet during your forthcoming visit to Mumbai.,

Convey my regards to your parents.,

Deepak kaka .

Mr. Deepak Chaudhary

Hola Sanjana

It is very nice to receive yr email and after reading the contents I must appreciate yr views and the work U indend to do in this field. I wholeheartedly support yr good work on this front.

best wishes

Capt. Rajaarshi Tembe

hat off to u on ur grand mission of DORM ! v ll give all the help u need to fulfill ur mission. no worries . c u soon .
bye urs Kaka.

Dr. P N Patanekar

Dear Sanjana,

I am very glad to receive your mail and happy
to note that you are coming to India.

While appreciating your noble thoughts, wishing you
all the best and success in your Project.

Please let me know in what way I shall support
you in this connection so that I can arrange for the same.

Eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Thanks & Best Regards

Chaba Kaka
Freight Forwarders Premises Co-Op. Society Ltd.
807/808, Plot No. 5, Sector-1,
Dronagiri, Uran, Dist. - Raigad.
PIN - 400 707.
Tel: (022) 27240091 / 92 / 93 / 94 / 95 / 96
Fax: (022) 27240098
E-mail: cms_nhavasheva@vsnl.net

Hi Sanjana,

I will publish the news in August Newsletter. Our best wishes in your project.

Say hi to your parents.

Mohan Ranade

Dear Sanjana,
This is great. Look forward to meeting you. Will do what I can.
Warm regards,
RAJIV Vijaykar

Hello Sanjana,

Nice to read about your project.

Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal Newsletter work for August month almost completed , but if you provide above info in 1-2 days,

I will be glad to post it in BMM Newsletter for this upcoming August

Best wishes in your project!


Dr. Vinata Kulkarni
Editor BMM Newsletter
Contact: 905-842-6562 (Eastern Time Zone)

Namaskar Sanjana

Thanks for writing to us.

It's great that your project will help rural development in Maharashtra.

I will forward your mail to our committee and revert.


Smita Sathe

Secretary-Marathi Vishwa NJ





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